Dicen ke ya no soy yo. Ke estoy mas loca ke ayer..

Problems are guns in home
mummy seems so hurt
im not a problem. Am i?
she said it. She hurt me.
Blood throw my arm
tears... hiden tears in my eyes.
Alcohol could be a answer
pills too.
No smile
no eat
no breath.
They didn't see me...
Daddy doesn't see the scars
has anyone note the blood on the floor?
And she appear
Vesa is in the house
friend of the knife and drugs
so full of hate
so lost in her mind.

Away from this world
nothing is more important than her
pain is hide, with a big smile
and my super ego.
Fasination with her
obssesed with all her dreams
Note: super ego bitch come to me.

So great to be with her
and she's lost...
Asuka is lost.
It's wonderfull when she is here
Asuka rules!
her soul fill my body
i know she will be my salvetion.
Hey! Goth asuka is back!

Mi alterego, y akellos personajes ke invento suelen ayudarme a superar todo.

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